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Question: Do I need to pay to get on the server?

Answer: No, playing is 100% FREE, just join on: play.apollocraft.eu, additional donator packages, ranks and items are available at this shop.

Question: How long will I get the rank on the server?

Answer: All our items and ranks are LIFETIME. Buying something will give you it for as long as our server exists. No monthly payments for a rank!

Question: I don't have PayPal, can I still donate?

Answer: Yes, please contact us to find a suitable payment method for us both.

Question: Do I need to pay in EURO or in USD?

Answer: You can choose your own currency that fits your country by clicking on 'choose currency'.

Question: How can I get support when there is no staff online?

Answer: Simply go to our help forum: CLICK HERE

Question: Does the server has a website?

Answer: You can check our main website at www.apollocraft.eu





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Don't you have PayPal? No problem, you can also pay with Paysafe or bank transfer (other payment methods on demand) by contacting one of the admins or on our contact page. For questions, mail to: support@apollocraft.eu

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